Analyses and Methods

ETS is certified by NC DENR for the following analyses and methods.

Alkalinity SM 2320 B-1997, revision 2011
Ammonia Nitrogen SM 4500 NH3 D-1997, revision 2011
Biological Oxygen Demand, 5-day
SM 5210 B-2001, revision 2011
Carbonaceous Biological Oxygen Demand, 5-day SM 5210 B-2001, revision 2011
Chemical Oxygen Demand HACH 8000-1979, revision 2003
Chloride SM 4500 Cl- C-1997, revision 2011
SM 2510 B-1997, revision 2011
Dissolved Oxygen SM 4500-O G-2001, revision 2011
Fecal Coliform by Membrane Filtration SM 9222 D-1997, approved 2006
Fecal Coliform by Multiple Tube Fermentation SM 9221 C E-2006
SM 2340 C-1997, revision 2011
Paint Filter Liquids
SW846 Method 9095B-2004
pH, Liquid 
SM 4500-H+ B-2000, revision 2011
pH, Solid
SW846 Methods 9045C-2004, 9045D-2004
SM 2520 B-2010, revision 2011
Solids, Total Suspended SM 2540 D-1997, revision 2011
Solids, Total Dissolved
SM 2540 C-1997, revision 2011
Solids, Total Volatile Suspended
SM 2540 E-1997, revision 2011
Solids, Settleable SM 2540 F-1997, revision 2011
Solids, Percent and Percent Moisture SM 2540 G-1997, revision 2011
Sulfate, Total SM 4500-SO42- B-1997, revision 2011
Temperature SM 2550 B-2000, approved 2010
Total Residual Chlorine ORION 97-70-1977, revision 2008
Total Coliform by Multiple Tube Fermentation SM 9221 B-2006
Turbidity SM 2130 B-2001, revision 2011

SM = Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater, 22nd Edition, 2012.
SW = Test Methods for Evaluating Solid Waste, SW846, USEPA. November 2004.
HACH = HACH Water Analysis Handbook, 4th Edition, Revision 2. 2003.
ORION = Orion Residual Chlorine Electrode Instruction Manual, Orion 97-70. 2008.


In addition to the analyses performed by our laboratory, ETS works with several subcontract laboratories in North Carolina.  This enables all parameters found in your NPDES permit to be accommodated.  For many clients, this provides a single point of contact for all of their analytical requirements.


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