Additional Services

Pre-Filled out State Forms

ETS uses the NC Public Water Supply (PWS) website to obtain information that is need on state forms. This includes the client name, PWS ID #, county, type of system, entry point location name, facility ID #, sample point # (if it is entry point only). ETS uses templates for each type of test and will pre-fill out all information spaces.


Colilert samples containing E. coli fluoresces under a black light.

Tracking Schedules

All bottle kits are prepared and given out to each client the month before the required testing.  This includes:

  • Monthly testing for Community Systems
  • Quarterly testing for Non-Community and Non-Transient Community Systems

Working with subcontract laboratories

In addition to the analyses performed by our laboratory, ETS works with several subcontract laboratories in North Carolina. This enables all testing required by PWS to be accommodated. For many clients, this provides a single point of contact for all of their analytical requirements.

Quality Control Information

    • NC DENR inspections, performance evaluations and certifications of subcontract laboratories are reviewed by ETS and kept on file.

End of year review

Beginning in September, ETS reviews each system's PWS schedule. Often testing has been completed, but your system may not have received credit. ETS resubmits or has the subcontract laboratory resubmit any data that may be missing.


ETS uses the PWS website to help track systems. This website is not always current and does not show any violation notices or additional testing that PWS may require. This includes Water Quality Parameters or testing that is required by the EPA (Crypto., E. coli, IDSE - TTHM/HAA5). If your system adds new wells or has any exceedances, this information is not usually posted until months after. ETS does not receive any notice of violation, waivers or changes in testing requirements. We request that any paperwork received by your system, regarding any changes to your testing requirements be sent to ETS.


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