Analyses and Methods

ETS is certified by NC DHHS for the following analyses and methods.

Coliform, Total (Presence / Absence) Colilert, SM 9223-2004
Coliform, Fecal (Presence / Absence) Colilert, SM 9223-2004
E.coli Enumeration Colilert, Quanti-Tray, SM 9223-2004
Nitrate SM 4500 NO3- D-2011

SM = Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater, 22nd Edition, 2012.
Quanti-Tray = IDEXX Quanti-Tray.  2000.


In addition to the analyses performed by our laboratory, ETS works with several subcontract laboratories in North Carolina.  This enables all testing required by the NC Public Water Supply (PWS) to be accomodated.  For many clients, this provides a single point of contact for all of their analytical requirements.


ETS does not provide testing
for homeowners, realtors or lenders.


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